Product Demo

Shown here is our grain cleaning equipment, which is commonly used to separate foreign matter from fine grain. Material is separated from the grain based on distinctive physical properties, including size, magnetic response, suspension velocity, density, length, shape and firmness. The separation process is a crucial aspect of ensuring the rain quality and extending the machine service life.

The roller grain mill is a key aspect of flour mills. It is with this machine that endosperm particles have their size gradually reduced as they pass through a series of rotary steel rollers. These rollers have either a smooth or corrugated surface and are typically arranged in opposing pairs to offer the most powerful crushing action. After the endosperm particles have gone through the rollers, they are sieved and separated into fine endosperm particles, coarse bran, and germ flakes. An advanced sieving and grading system provide an outstanding screening efficiency, excellent hygiene and an extremely fine separation, all in a single machine that takes up very little space.
Here at Pingle, we offer a complete line of equipment needed for flour mills. When customers order from us, they know that our equipment will take their grain and turn it into quality flour, leading to lower production and labor costs.