Product Showcase

We can provide you with customization options for all types of granary processing machinery with processing capacity between the range of 9 and 1,000 tons.

We possess a productive research and development team formed by more than 50 talents. They are committed to the long-term research, development and design of product structure, processing technology, automated control, and production flow. Our technical research center has been specified to be engaged in the engineering and technological research for food processing equipment in Shijiazhuang City; we have undertaken a number of projects and applied for more than 10 patents.

1)PINGLE Roller Mill
Optimized structural design
Advanced control system
Premium system components
High grinding capacity and quality

2)PINGLE Square Plansifter
Greater surface area for sifting
Outstanding space utilization
Approved via field trials

3) PINGLE Purifier
Dependable material feeding unit and high-efficiency processing ensures the quality and purity of the wheat core and residue.

4)Vibratory Separator
Crisscross patterned screen meshes optimize the separating effectiveness
The cinquefoil-shaped handle is available for easy maintenance

5)Wheat Scourer
The rotor and sieve design yields excellent material grading results.

6)Wheat Washer
Functions such as cleaning and stone removal are available to ensure high color quality and reduced ash content in wheat flour.

Outstanding raw material sorting yields high-purity finished products.

8)PINGLE Weighing and Packing Machine
The implementation of premium pneumatic system components guarantees portioning precision